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Monday, August 31, 2009

On its beginning that open Medan gathering place is Learn Patimpus, its location lies at Deli's Earth, therefore since colonization epoch person always merangkaikan Medan with Deli (Medan–Deli). After long time independence epoch too long Deli's Medan terminology gradually vanishes so finally subtracted popular.

Previously person name Deli's Earth starts of Snake River (Deli serdang) get to Wampu's River at Langkat whereas princedom Deli top kick at that time its power region doesn't range region between river second that.

Wholly soil type at Deli's region consisting of clay, sand, mixed earth, black earth, brown earth and raddled. It constitutes research of Hissink's Van year 1900 one drawned out by Vriens's researches years 1910 that over and above soil type as previous as available again found specific clay type. Clay this is at the time Dutch colonization at named place Baking Stone (now South-east Medan or Menteng) person burn brick that high quality and one of brick factory on that epoch is Deli Klei.

About rain at Soiled Deli is grouped two kinds namely: Maksima is Main and Maksima Is Affix. Maksima is Main happens on month of October s / d. decembers be Maksima Affixs among month of January s / d. September. rinci's ala rain at Medan average 2000 pertahun with intensity average 4,4 mm / the time of day.

According to Volker on year 1860 Medan stills to constitute jungle forest and over there here preferably at river estuary interlarded by indigenous resident settlement Karo and malay peninsula. On year 1863 dutch people start to open Tobacco garden at Deli who finds time to become primadona Deli's Earth. Since then economics goes on amends so Medan become governance and economics Central City at North Sumatra.

sentral's market antiquity

In the early its developing constitutes one little kampong named "Daughter Medan". Kampong developing "Daughter Medan" are not despite its strategic position because lie at meet an river Deli and an river Babura, don't restrain from to clear a root present Green Daughter. Both of that river on epoch precedinging to constitute trade traffic band that adequately clamorous, so Kampong thus "Daughter Medan" one that constitutes forthcoming cikal Medan City, quick amends becomes porting transit momentous one.

Progressively long time more and more person arrives to go to this kampong and Patimpus's Teacher wife that institute Medan kampong bears children it is first a male and be denominated the Kolok. Livelihood person at Medan Kampong that they denominates by the ten two Kuta is farming plant out peppercorn. After a little comes into the world child both of Patimpus's Teacher and this child male even is denominated the kecik.

On its epoch Learns Patimpus to constitute person rank that gets forward cerebration. It is evident with enjoin its child learns (strove for knowledge) reading Al Qur' an to City Grandfather Builds and then deepening about islam goes to Acheh.

Information that enforces that marks sense this Medan Kampong is adverbial H. Said's Muhammad that quotes to pass through book Deli: In Woord en Beeld wrote by N. Ten Cate. That information says that anciently this Medan Kampong constitute Fortress and its extant rest consisting of wall two overlay get to form circle that exist at appointment among two rivers namely Deli's Rivers and an river Babura. Administrateur's house lies to be crossed by river of Medan kampong. If we see that position of this Medan Kampong are at Wisma present Fortress and home Administrateur that is PTP'S office IX. Deli's Tobacco that now.

Acheh rout

About year 1612 afters two decade stand up Medan Kampongs, Iskandar's sultan Young top kick at Acheh princedom transfer its Commander named Gocah titled Hero Admiral Rides On Horseback Bintan to become boss that represent Acheh monarchy at Soiled Deli. Gocah is Hero opens new country at An River Grass, Percut. My interrupts Guardian and Representative Acheh Sultan and with utilize imperium's magnitude Acheh, Gocah is Hero successfuling to expand its power region, so covers Percut Sei's district Sir and Deli's Medan district now. She also institute Klarus's Mountain kampong, Sampali, Built city, Brayan's island, Javanese city, Rengas Percut's city and Sigara Gara.

With performs it Gocah hero begins Deli's monarchy amends and year 1632 Gocah Hero marries with Sunggal's Grandfather daughter. After happens this marriage kings at Medan Kampong gives up on Gocah Hero.

Gocah is Hero passes away on year 1653 and stunted by puteranya Decants me Perunggit's Commanders, are next proclaim Deli's princedom independence of Acheh princedom on year 1669, with its capital at Labuhan, approximately 20 km of Medans

Dutch term

Dutch that colonize Archipelago more or less century half but to gain control Deli's Earth they muchly experience by dozens daring. They experience martial at Javanese with diponegoro's Prince about year 1825 1830. Dutch prodigiousing to experience loss whereas to gain control Sumatra, Dutch also belligerent buck Acheh, Minangkabau, and Sisingamangaraja XII at Tapanuli's region.

So to gain control Deli's Earth Dutch just more or less 78 year starts from years 1864 until 1942. After martial Javanese end new Johannes's Dutch Governor General den Bosch's van mobilize its team goes to Sumatra and she estimates to gain control Sumatra as a whole needful time 25 years. Dutch rout on this Sumatra terhenti at golden mean because Dutch Colony Minister that time Jean Chrétien Baud enjoins to retreat Dutch team at Sumatra Is they although have defeated Minangkabau that recognised by the name of Padre Martial (1821 - 1837).

Ismail's sultan top kick at Riau with a bump attacked by Inggeris's gang with its lead named Adam Wilson. Get link at that time force it is circumscribed therefore Sultan Ismail asks for protection on Dutch. Since that time opened by chance for Dutch to gain control Siak Sri Indrapura's princedom that its king is Ismail's Sultan. On the fifteenth 1st February 1858 Dutch crowds out Ismail's Sultans to menandatangani that agreement region conquers Siak Sri Indrapura's monarchy comprises Deli, Langkat and serdang at East Sumatra comes in Dutch power. Since Deli's region was entering auto Dutch power Medan Kampong becomes Dutch colony, but Dutch present was physically gain control Deli's Earth.

On year 1858 also Elisa Netscher is lifted as Residen Riau Region and since then too she lifts her becomes Ismail's Sultan advocate top kick at Siak's monarchy. To the effect Netscher that is with her seat as advocate of Ismail's Sultan politically of course it will easy for Netscher gains control region to conquer Siak's princedom namely Deli which in it included Daughter Medan Kampong.

Tobacco plantation

Its quick is formative Kampong "Daughter Medan", not also despite far-famed tobacco plantation with Delinya's tobacco, one that constitute best tobacco for cigar packer. On year 1863, Deli's sultan gives unto Jacob Nienhuys, der Falk's van and Elliot of keeuwen en Mainz's Van Firm & Co, earth as extensive as 4.000 shoulders (1 shoulder = 0,74 ha) erfpacht's ala 20 years at sepassi's Tanjung, near Labuhan. deli's tobacco example. March 1864, yielding example harvests to be transferred to Rotterdam in dutch, to been tested its quality. Apparently that tobacco leaf is pretty good and high-grade for cigar packer.

Then at year 1866, Jannsen, P.W. Clemen, Cremer and Nienhuys institutes Deli Maatschappij at Labuhan. Then does new plantation expansion at Martubung's region, Sunggal (1869), An river rice and Klumpang (1875), so its amount reaches 22 horticultural firms on year 1874. Remembering tobacco commercial activity already far-flung and effloresce, Nienhuys moves its firm office from Labuhan goes to Kampong "Daughter Medan". Thus "Daughter Medan kampong" as getting multitude and amends further by the name of that more known as "Medan city".

Daughter Medan developing becomes to center commerce has pushed it as governance center. Year 1879, Residen Deli's Assistant capital is moved from Labuhan goes to Medan, 1st March 1887, Residen's capital East Sumatra is moved too of Bengkalis goes to Medan, Deli's princedom palace that originally is at Maritime Kampong (Labuhan) also migrant with its finish Maimoon's Palace development on the fifteenth May 18 1891, and Deli's Capital thus was official migrant to Medan.

On year 1915 Residensi East Sumatra increased by its positions as Gubernemen. On year 1918 official Medan Cities as Gemeente (Township) with Mayor Baron Daniel Mackay. Base "Acte is Schenking's van" (Deed of donation) Number 97 J.M'S Notaries. de Hondt Junior, date of 30 Novembers 1918, Deli's sultan turn over Medan city earth to Gemeente Medan, so official as region under Hindia's direct power Dutch. On this Municipal early days, Medan is still consisting of 4 kampongs, which is Kampong to convulsion, Rengas's River kampong, Petisah's kampong Petisah's Upstream and Kampong Downstream.

On year 1918 Medan resident are noted as much 43.826 consisting of soul Europe 409 person, Indonesia 35.009 person, China 8.269 person and East Strange another 139 person.

Since then effloresce Medan City gets quick. A variety facility is built. Severally among those is experimental Station Office AVROS at New Kampong (1919), now RISPA, Base train relationship Brandan Besitang (1919), American consulate (1919), Indonesian normal school at Jl. H.M. Present Yamin (1923), Weekly Soematra (1924), Medan Bathing congregation (1924), Market center, R.S. Elizabeth, Sick clinic Winks and park Playing Field (1929).

Formative historical ala Medan City, since startup have memposisikan becomes to center commerce (import export) since past. being made by its Medan as deli's capital has also been make it effloresce Medan City as government center. until currently over and above constitutes one of city region, also at a swoop as provincial capital of North Sumatra.

Japanese Colonization term

Year 1942 Dutch colonizations end at Sumatra that while that Japan lands at severally territorial as Javanese As, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and special at Sumatra Japanesing to land at East Sumatra.

Japanese soldier that lands at Sumatra is soldier XXV one get base at Shonanto that more recognised by the name of Singapore, correct it they land date 11 nights 12th March 1942. This team consisting of kemaharajaan's Guard division 2nd being added by 18th division to be captained direct by Letjend. Nishimura. There is four this their landing place namely Sabang, Ulele, Bugak's confluence (near Peureulak, Present East acheh) and Oyster Tanjung (present Coal area).

Japanese soldier team that lands at Oyster Tanjung area this is ingoing goes to Medan City, they go up bicycle that they buy from people at its vicinity barter ala. They get that motto they help Asia person because they are you are Old Asian men so their dieluelukan welcomes its arrival.

While is transition hegemony Dutch to clutter Medan City Japan, native avails this avenges to dutchman. This situation shortly been disciplinized by Japan soldier with mobilize its team that named kempetai (Japanese military policeman). With its Japanese input at situation Medan City soon changed preferably its civil administration that Dutch epoch to be called gemeentebestuur by dirobah's Japan becomes Sico's Medan (Municipal governance). One that officiate civil administration at level Municipal Medan City while that until gets finally Japanese power named Hoyasakhi. To increase keresidenan at East Sumatra because society it is heterogeneous so-called Syucokan that while that was officiated by T.Nakashima, Residen's assistant is called with Gunseibu.

Japanese mastery gets to infest at their Medan City make society getting papa, since with condition suching to terminological they getting easy gain control all Archipelago, your motto Old only motto just. At eastern Medan City namely present Marindal built by kengrohositai a sort collective agricultural. At Titi's area yellows Johor's Medan now doesn't restrain from Polonia's air station now they build tempur's plane base Japan.

Independence term

At all points at all Indonesia draws near year 1945 resounding preparation Proclamations and so do at City Medan not is behind in figures its young men do various preparation kind. They hear that atomic bomb was falling knock over Hiroshima's City, matter tries a fall Japan was halt. Meanwhile eager an alley soldier returns to sit Indonesia.

Notably at Medan city area vicinity the, while is power Japanesing to realise its drubbing shortly discontinues all its activity, particularly which is engaged construction and young men conscription. What do all this time they do to recruit young men mass as Heiho, Romusha, Gyu Gun and Talapeta they liquidate or look back over society. Officially this activity is liquidated on the fifteenth 20th August 1945 since on that day too ruler Japans at the so called East Sumatra Tetsuzo Nakashima announces Japan drubbing. It also passes on that their team task at occupying ex to look after status quo before given up by terimakan on team abets. Largely membered Heiho's ex team, Romusha, Talapeta and Gyu Gun's training perceives is at a loss since their life most hem where they just given by circumscribed pocket money, so they are visible over grass with uniform brown at down town.

Severally figure juveniling to see thing suching to seize the initiave to tackling it. Particularly ex Gyu Gun's military officer amongst those Achmad Tahir's Lieutenant institutes a secretariate to tackling ex Heiho, Romusha that kin / its brother don't be at Medan city. This committee denominated by “ Unemployments Standby Committee Ex Gyu Gun “ one gets office at Jl. No.17's palace (Present Juvenile building).

Date of 17th August 1945 independence echo have gotten to walupun's Medan city with rather unsmooth since communication situation at that time very simple once. Japanese press agency “ Domei" have available its delegation at Medan but they don't want to broadcast that independence news, accordingly society adds to be at a loss.

A galaxy soldier little abets correct date 1st September 1945 one be captained By Lieutenant i. Brondgeest's Sailors gets in at Medan city gets office at De Boer's Hotel (now Hotel Dharma Deli). Its task is get things square coup d'etat of Japan. On while that too Dutch soldier that headed by Westerling adjoined by link military officer abets named Major Yacobs and Brondgeest's Lieutenant successful form Dutch police force for East Sumatra area that its member is taken from ex KNIL and Japan Police that pro Dutch.

Finally with meandering trip juvenile arranges various that action anyway independence shall be upheld at likewise Indonesia at Medan city that becomes its part. They those are Achmad Tahir, Bachrum Nasution's amir, Edisaputra, Rustam Efendy, Gazali Ibrahim, Roos Lila, A. malik Munir, Bahrum Djamil, Marzuki Lubis and Jusni's Castrate Muhammad.

year term 1990 until 2000

On year 1998, of 4 until May 7, Medan was knocked over by riot big that becomes riot starting point outgrow to be next happenings along Indonesian, including Scene May 1998 at Jakarta one week then. In bound up riot with movement "Reform" this, burn happening, impairment, and also foray that can't discontinue security agency.

Now Medan city was back radiant. Medium development and prasarana generically incessant being done. Even amount takes the air that damaged, get extant hole, but if than previously, was really menurun. [rujukan?] Faced classic constraint modern city as Medan is stalemated effect amount kenderaan who increase quick in moon calculation, can't be counterbalanced by medium step-up clears a root that is equal to.

Hotel Blue Angel - Medan

Hotel Blue Angel Pondok Wisata Angel Guest House is one of the best backpacker style hotels in Medan. Located on Jalan Sisingamangaraja 50m down from the Mesjid Raya.
Blue Angel Hotel Medan
Blue Angel Reception and restaurant
Blue Angel rooms
2009 Room rates
* AC-TV-DOUBLE BED : RP. 150.000,-
* AC-SINGLE BED : RP. 120.000,-
* FAN-TV-DOUBLE BED : RP. 80.000,-
* FAN-DOUBLE BED : RP. 60.000,-
* FAN-SINGLE BED : RP. 40.000,-
Note : Bathroom inside

Contact details
Pondok Wisata Angel
Jl S.M.Raja No 70
Medan North Sumatra
Ph: (061) 736 1078
Fax: (061) 732 6050

about 2 hours (actually, 4-5 hours) outside Medan lies Bukit Lawang, the sanctuary of the orangutans.
Bukit Lawang is a beautiful riverside town situated atop a hil and is known as one of the few places left in the world where you can still see an orangutan in the wild.
The bus ride to Bukit Lawang from Medan was probably the worst travelling experience in my life.
After fighting my way through a bunch of touts offering me everything from weed to underage girls, i finally managed to find a bus heading to Bukit Lawang. The bus itself was in a sad state and looked more appropriate for a museum than on a road. The bus ride took about 4 1/2 hours and I don’t know whether it was the booming techno music in the background or the baby puking next to me, but i thought i was gonna die.
Narrow Pathways in SukhothaiWhen i first got down in Bukit Lawang, i met a few locals who offered to show me a couple of places to stay. At first i was reluctant, but they offered to pay for my transport from the bus station to town, so what the hey – i guess some good can come out of touts.
I ended up staying in a place called Garden Inn, it was a nice little place with a cozy restaurant where all the locals and travelers mingled. I met a guy who told me i reminded him of his son, which was a little weird, but he paid for my food, so i can’t really complain.
The number one seller in Bukit Lawang is the 2-day treks on offer by the locals. Although the treks are quite pricey, they are well worth it. I stayed in the jungle for two days with a nice czech couple and some locals. I managed to see a lot of animals in the wild and even had the chance to relive that cliché of everyone sitting around the fire and singing to a guitar.
Wild Orangutans
The key thing to remember here is to shop around for the best prices, the 2-day treks go from as high as EU$200 to 250,000 Rp. So make sure you don’t get cornered in by any of the locals.
On what felt like the 4th or 5th day in Bukit Lawang, i headed out towards the bat caves, which is an underground passage beneath the jungle.
Bat Caves in Bukit LawangOnce you enter the bat caves, you’ll be presented with some amazing rock formations and well – bats. There was one instance where i climbed into a small opening in the cave and a bat flew straight into my head and knocked me to the ground, i dropped my torchlight, so i was blinded for a couple of seconds before i managed to find my torchlight again. I shone up my torch light and the roof of the tunnel, which was less than 2 meters high, was covered in bats. Obviously, you can imagine me freaking out, because as soon as the light hit the bats on the roof, all of them got startled and started flying around like crazy taxi drivers from penang.
i hugged the floor till the commotion died down and slowly crawled out of the tunnel. An australian guy was standing nearby the small opening of the tunnel and helped me out. But all in all, it was a pretty good day.
Bukit Lawang is an amazingly scenic and peaceful town, although the floods that occurred a couple of years back devastated the town and took it off the map as a tourist destination. However, it seems now that tourism is starting to pick up and sooner, rather than later it’ll be back to being one of the most popular tourist destinations is Sumatra.

Tiara Hotel Medan

The Tiara Medan in Medan, Indonesia , a seven story and modern styled building consists of 175 rooms, fully equipped with satellite TV, International Direct Dial, Mini refrigerator, Air conditioning with fan speed. Kutaraja Restaurant, located at lobby level and serving Indonesian & International cuisine.It is located right in the downtown area of Medan. Only 8 minutes from the Polonia international airport. The Hotel Tiara is located right in the downtown area of Medan, only five minutes away from the Polonia Airport. f This hotel estabished for the guest who is business traveler and/or even the tourist. For the guests The hotel Tiara Medan offers first class facilities such as conference facilities, internet connection and all rooms are air-conditioned. In addition, Tiara Suite and Presidential Suite is tastefully furnished with a charming blend of the traditional and the modern special for the guest who would like to make your staying perfectly.

Danau Toba Hotel Medan Info

Just a short distance from the airport, this four star accommodation provides an ideal base while visiting the city of Medan. The Danau Toba Hotel is located in the city center and is only an eight minute drive to the airport. With four drinking establishments to choose from, including the Rock Cafe and Tobasa Pub, guests can easily pick a spot to suit their mood and enjoy a drink. After riding in a motorized becak around the city, head back to the hotel pool for a refreshing dip. Fill yourself up on Japanese or Chinese cuisine at the hotel to recharge your batteries for another day ahead of exploration. To end the night, head out to the onsite night club and dance the night away or watch a movie in your comfortable guest room. Our secure online booking form makes reserving your room at Danau Toba Hotel Medan simple - just fill in your desired dates and click.


There are not many apartments in Medan and most expats live in houses in major housing complexes. Quality Suite is a full service apartment which is about one km from the airport is a popular place for expats who prefer to live in apartments. For houses, many expats stay in the Setia Budi and Cemara Asri complexes.
Cemara Asri is a self-contained housing estate with its own security guards and amenities. There is a swimming pool, tennis and badminton courts and even a football field. The lastest edition to this estate is the Go-Cart.
There are several Rumah Makan in the estate but they operate mainly only at night.

Places to Eat - Dining Out

Fast Food

KFC Jl. Sutomo s/p Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan
Jl. Gajah Mada No 14
Deli Plaza
Sun Plaza
Medan Plaza
Medan Mall
Perisai Plaza
Texas Chicken Thamrin Plaza, Tel. 7366951
Sinar Plaza, Tel. 4574531
Yuki Simpang Raya, Tel. 7356091
Medan Mall, Tel. 4571627
Medan Plaza, Tel. 4521405
McDonald's Thamrin Plaza
Medan Mall
A&W Club Store
Sun Plaza
Plaza Medan Fair
Pizza Hut Jl. Jend.Suprapto No. 13, Tel. 4519956
Jl. H.Adam Malik
Jl Gatot Subroto
Medan Mall, Tel. 4158649

Western Restaurants

O’Flaherty’s Jl. Padang Golf (Favourite hangout for Caucasian expats on Friday nights)
The Traders Jl. Kapt.Patimura No. 423, Tel. 4531881
Music Café Medan Mall 4Th storey
MPS Café Deli Plaza

Japanese Food

Grand Angkasa Hotel
Atami Danau Toba Hotel
Tenya Capital Building
Itcho Sun Plaza

Chinese Food

Asian Delight Jl. Asia
Jl Pemuda
Jl. Pegadaian
Menara Plaza 4th Floor
Avia Samudra Jl. Padang Golf Int’l Polonia Arport, Tel. 4555032
Jumbo Seafood Jl. Putri Hijau No.8ABCD, Tel.4525653
Merak Jingga Jl. P.Merak Jingga No.7, Tel.4562505
Nelayan Jl. Gudang No.39, Tel.6613081
Ria Jl. Letjend.Haryono MT No.11-15, Tel.4575666
Sheraton Seafood Jl. Orion No.95-103, Tel.4526244
Warisan Jl. Pemuda No.34-36, Tel.4519454
Wisma Benteng Jl. Kapt.Maulana Lubis No.6, Tel.4513000
Rumah Makan 83 Jl. A.Yani No. 83

Roadside Stalls (warung)

Semarang Jl. Semarang
Selat Panjang Jl. Selat Panjang
Kesawan Square Jl. Kesawan

Movie Theaters

President Deli Plaza
Sinar plaza
Sun 21 Sun Plaza
Perisai Plaza
Thamrin Plaza


Bukit Lawang Orang Utan in the wild (Not sure whether still around after the great flood)
Brastagi Mikie Holiday Fun Land & Sitongging Waterfall
Lake Toba Samosir Island, TukTuk Island, Marina Island,
Beach Gudang Garam, Klang Putih, Pantai Cermin
Sun Plaza Ice Skating
Crocodile Farm


Graha Helvetia Komp. Graha Helvetia
Polonia Jl. Padang Golf
Setia Budi Komp. Setia Budi

Health Clubs

Clark Hatch Grand Angkasa Hotel
Emerald Gardenia Hotel
Best Western Hotel
Novotel Soechi Hotel
Polonia Hotel
Tiara Hotel

Shopping Centres

Plaza Medan Fair CarreFour, Matahari
Sun Plaza Sogo, Ace Hardware Shop, Gramedia, Pirated DVD, VCD and computer software, Gift shops
Medan Mall Matahari
Thamrin Plaza Matahari
Sinar Plaza Yuki
Menara Plaza
Deli Plaza
Ramayana Plaza


Carrefour Plaza Medan Fair
Club Store Jl. Gatot Subroto
Makro Jl. Gatot Subroto (requires membership card for entry)
Sogo Sun Plaza
Macan Yaohan - located at Perisai Plaza, Medan Mall, P. Brayan, Merak Jingga, Iskandar Muda, Aksara, Sukaramai, and Katamso

International Schools

Medan International School

P.O. Box 1190
Medan, Sumatra Utara 20122
Phone (62-61) 836-1894, 836-1816
Fax (62-61) 836-1894
Curriculum - American Levels - elementary and junior high school
Matthew Kirby, Principal

Singapore School

Jl. Abdulah Lubis

Kinderland Preschool

Jl. Tumapel No. 12, Medan
Telp. (62-61) 451-6410, 451-0795

Medical Care

RS Gleneagles - Jl. Listrik No.6, Tel. 456-6368
RS Methodist - Jl. MH.Thamrin No. 105, Tel.736-9000
RS Deli - Jl. Merbabu
RS Herna - Jl. Mojopahit No. 118A, Tel. 451-0766
RS Materna - Jl. Teuku Umar No. 11, Tel. 451-2222
RS St.Elisabeth - Jl. H.Misbah No.7, Tel. 414-4737
RS Advent - Jl. Gatot Subroto Km. 4, Tel. 452-4875
RS Permata Bunda - Jl. Amuntai No. 2, Tel. 734-8276

What is famous in Medan?

Bika Ambon on Jl. Mojopahit
Marquisa Jl. Mojopahit
Jambu Klutuk Pasar Ramai
Asinan Mangga Pasar Ramai
Teri Pasar Sambu
Bolu Gulung Jl. Meranti
Jl. Mangkubumi

Specialty Shops

Sports and Music Equipment Jl Ahmad Yani (Kesawan Square)
Window Curtains Jl Pemiagaan (Near to Kesawan Square)
Men’s Tailor Jl Pemuda Baru
Aquarium Fish Jl Thamrin
Chinese Delicacies - Bird Nest, Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Scallops, Shark Fins, Abalone Toko Terang, Jl Semarang No 82, Tel. 4572362

Consular Offices

British Consulate Medan
Tel. 061 821 0559
Fax 061 821 0991
Office Hours: 0800-1230 (GMT 0100-0530) Monday-Friday
American Consulate
Jl. Walikota No. 13
Medan, North Sumatra
Tel. 061-415-2200
Fax 061-451-8711
Sean Stein, U.S. Consul for Sumatra