Writhe cities nighted life Field that marked by its appearance night amusement centre one will don't want to succumb appealed by another metropolis as Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung, also Batam.

Its indication gets heavy duty feel by its appearance nighted amusement centre get hedonis's aroma. Its type is even heterogeneous, beginning of salon, massage parlor, cafe, karaoke, club / bar, hotel, until diskotek. Its market segmentation medley even.
As city is outgrown fourth at Indonesia, Field has strategics role. Geographically, at western, East and south, this city verge directly with recognised Deli Serdang Regency rich with its natural resources. At abut northern with strait Malacca, one of two paths passes by busiest oceanic (thickly) at the world. Field city also supported region which rich another natural resources as Labuhan Stone, Simalungun, Tapanuli is Northern, Tapanuli is south, Mandailing is Christmas, Karo, Binjai etc..
This condition of make economic ala Field City can develop various collaboration and equal partnership, mutually advantages and each other strengthen by area of around it. Beside it as region that lies on strait fairway boundary Malacca, Field has strategics position as portal of goods and service commercial activity, well domestic commerce and also abroad (import export). This geographical position push city developing in 2 (two) growth pole physically, which is Belawan with its porting and that Field downtown is alone.
Inhabited city growth more or less 2.006.142 its souls (BPS'S data 2004 Red) apparently been followed by its amends nighted hotspot. No wonder if then city that has to extend 26.510 hectares or 265,10 km² this is known as one of nighted amusement barometer for territorial –setelah's Sumatra Batam of course it. According to Drs Wara Sinuhaji, MHum, social observer from USU Medan, emerging nighted amusement at Medan along with redupnya pamor cinema.
In the meantime, passion passion condiment that latter espouse its shimmer nighted amusement is not untrammeled of society attitude that gets hedonis. This attitude appearance cause not feels equal to fortify self of capitalist life style. Finally, a variety trick is done utilised get that capitalist product. Unhappily, reputed trick utmost easy, notably divides woman circle, are hawk self. Beginning of outspoken one until one is camouflaged.
Medan city lies on 3º 30? – 3º 43? northern athwart and 98º 35? – 98º 44? east longways. Its topography is tending coves to the north and lie on high 2,5 – 37,5 meters above the sea level. Minimum temperature on nighted or ranging early morning among 22,7º C – 24,1º C, meanwhile ranging maximum temperature among 31,0º C – 33,7º C (www. pemkomedan. go. id). Are not excessive if nighted amusement activity continually writhe at consisting of city 21 its districts.
HOTEL. Nighted life activity at Medan, as announced by Wara Sinuhaji, are not untrammeled of hedonism aroma. Maybe we accept if activity hunt lust at conceive of one of shaped kultural's product oldest man. From time to time always just available kreasi that is done, beginning of outspoken one until one is camouflaged or even packaged by nighted amusement activity pass.
LEGAL. In the presence ABG also as passion hunter affinity hedonis to menyambangi Warkop HOPE or Warkop PB. Warkop, contraction of coffee shop, are epithet that given by Medan society for tent cafe. Given by HOPE name because lies exactly around one campus (swasta). Also frequent disebuat PB because really nearby Jl PB who constitutes to clear a root protocol. Of this place, access goes to airport Polonia can just by reach time sails through 5 minute just.
LOCAL PANDA BEAR. Fragmentary pretend Medan blur in absentia service seks lightning that don't be engaged amusement. Salon NC is one of example. This plus salon offer hedonis's aromas divides to expect a guest that hankering. Even just as salon, herein available tenderloin package and milk bath. Indeed for man circle.
DOMESTIC. Belawan's porting as portal of goods and service commercial activity, well domestic commerce and also abroad (import export) giving big role for Medan growth